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Wireline Shock-Depression Bailer


  • recovery stimulation of production wells and intake capacity increase of injection wells by implosive hydrodynamic effect on perforation zones
  • bottomhole cleaning from loose and viscous sludge


  • fluid and gas sampling at specified depth to determine physical and chemical properties and compositional analysis
  • hydrostatic pressure control along wellbore
  • tripping small metal objects out from bottomhole, including capsules with radioactive sources
  • bottomhole and sump cleaning from loose and viscous sludge
  • cleaning of perforation channels and near-wellbore zone from mechanical particles that reduce flow properties of perforation interval


  • operation parameters monitoring from the surface
  • high speed of operation


Max.pressure40 MPa/ 5801 psi
Max. temperature120 °С/ 248 °F
Tool size85, 100, 110 mm/ 3.35, 3.94, 4.33 in
Tool length, mm4200 mm/ 165.4 in
Volume of sample chamber5–11 Liter
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