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ZAS-02 (ZAS-03) Sonic logging and cement bond logging tool

is designed for cement bond logging and investigation of open-hole sections by kinematic and dynamic
parameters of elastic waves.

Problems to be solved

  • identification of low-strength cement intervals, detection of volume-contact defects of cement bond;
  • lithologic segregation of a section, identification of reservoirs and evaluation of reservoir porosity


  • ZAS-02 and ZAS-03 tools with a three-element probe construction and an electronic circuit are fully compatible with the equipment - UZBA-21 and UZBA-21, widely used in Russia;
  • Replacement of the out of date downhole tools in UZBA-21 and UZBA-21A equipment by ZAS-02 and ZAS-03 tools keeps up using of the running investigation methods, the respective techniques as well as the interpretation software;
  • tool conveyance to the investigation interval through the drill pipe with inner diameter 90 mm.


Acoustic sonde formula:ZAS-02
Max. operating temperature, °С120
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa80
Borehole diameter, mm100-250
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:
diameter (without centralizers)

up to 3500
Weight, kg45
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