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ZAS-03-140 Cement-bond sonic logging tool

is designed for hole director cementing quality control and investigation of sections in large-size open holes by kinematic and dynamic parameters of elastic waves.

Problems to be solved

  • weak cement interval determination and cement matrix bulk-contact defects definition;
  • lithologic layering and reservoir identification and porosity estimation.

Features and Advantages

  • large-size hole investigation;
  • the tool is operated through a triple-core cable of up to 6000 m in length, with the computerized logging stations equipped with fast-acting analog-digital converters which allow to record the full wave picture (of GEKTOR type)*.


Sonde formulaT20,5T11,5R
Max. operating temperature, °С120
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa80
Diameter of investigated boreholes, mm170-400
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:
diameter (without centralizers)
transmitter diameter

up to 3600
Weight, kg70

*tailor-made one-core cable tool is available

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