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Zh-2 Modular Borehole Bailer


bottomhole delivery and backfilling of proppant at the required depth in oil and gas wells with a diameter of 60 mm at temperatures up to 100 ° C and hydrostatic pressure up to 80 MPa


The bailer is represented by a surface panel for connection to the downhole tool, consisting of 4 modules: upper electronics module, lower electronics module, electromechanical drive module, proppant vessel


  • Easy operation
  • Economical: less proppant is consumed compared to other methods
  • Low cost equipment


Max.pressure80 MPa/ 11603 psi
Max. temperature100 °С/ 212 °F
Volume of proppant vessel9,5 L
Maximum number of proppant deliveries, without draining the working fluid from the casing of the electromechanical drive module15
AC power supply of surface panel220 V
Max. output voltage of panel84 V
Max. output current of panel5 A
DC current consumed by electromagnet with the voltage 60 V:
-in start-up mode, max.
-on hold, up to

1,5 A
0,3 A
AC Supply voltage of electronics module, max.:30 V
DC current consumed by electronics module, max.:0,2 A
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