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EMDS-S scanning electromagnetic defectoscope and thickness measuring tool

is designed for detailed casing string conditions survey, defects form and size identification; cumulative and drilling perforation holes detection, wall thickness determination within certain sectors

Features and Advantages

  • casing small defects identification (longitudinal cracks and cross cracks and holes);
  • identification of local reductions in casing wall thickness within corrosion sectors and mechanical wear zones (including key seats);
  • cumulative and drilling perforation holes detection.


Casing pipe size, mm140-168
Wall thickness measurements range, mm3 ÷ 12
Wall thickness measurements relative error (full-circle averaged), %10
Wall thickness measurements relative error for every sector, %20
Defects minimal length (cracks), mm30
Defects minimal size (holes), mm9
Minimal spacing between perforation holes, mm100
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa60
Max. operating temperature, °С100
Cableone-core cable
Tool dimensions, mm:
surface panel
downhole tool diameter
downhole tool length

102, 112
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