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Kaskad-2M Apparatus for pulse surface electrical exploration

Electrical exploration equipment 151 VNIIGIS is designed to study the near-surface geoelectrical structure by near-field time-domain electromagnetic sounding.

Problems to be solved

  • detailed stratification of near-surface geoelectrical structure within the depth range 2-1000 m;
  • fresh groundwater exploration and prospecting;
  • fresh-water complex salinization nature within intense oil recovery zones;
  • local geoelectrical objects identification and plotting (for example kimberlite pipes);
  • plane-table mapping and geotechnical plotting while ore, coal deposits exploration and prospecting;
  • intense oil ingress detection and plotting within the depth range up to 1000 m.


Receiving-transmitting coil radius, m10-1000
Max. current amplitude in the receiving-transmitting coil, A20
Signal measurements time range, ms0,002÷250
Transient phenomenon EMF measurements range, V5⋅10-6 ÷50
Measurements relative error, %5
Repeatable interference release of 50 Hz, dB60
Power consumption, W3
Apparatus dimensions, mm285×250×180
Weight, kg6

Delivery set: receiving-transmitting section, a lap-top, cable adapter.

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