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Designed to measure full spectra of characteristic X-ray radiation of atoms of elements that make up the rocks and ores during the logging of ore, coal, hydrogeological and special wells. The tool provides quantitative determination of chemical element contents in formations intersected by wells.

The downhole tool is to be run with VULCAN V3 log recorder or similar.

Operates with one-core (optional) or three-core logging cable.


Number of measuring channels256
Type of detectorproportional counter SI-12
or semiconductor detector SCD
Energy resolution on the line 5.9 keV, no more,% (for SI-12 / CCD)20/5
X-ray measurement range, keV3-40
Type of gamma radiation source Cd-109IRIK-D
Downhole tool supply voltage (constant), V50-60
Current consumption of the tool, mA100
Output codeManchester-2
Maximum operating temperature, °С80
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa20
Diameter, mm43
Length, mm2000
Length, mm8
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